Money Spells

Satans’ Green Garden

  • Increase your income. Everything that blocks your progress will be removed with Black Magic, for 100% result

Requirements: all relevant information about yourself. A full description of the situation, birth date and place, and pictures of you.

USD 150

Satans’ Money Pit

A stronger Spell than Green Garden, this Spell takes more time and concentration to cast, but the impact of this extra effort is obvious. Results come faster and sooner, your wealth will grow steadily and surely.
This Spell takes you out of your former life, it will be ancient history. Success, money, everything that goes with riches, will be yours.
Do know what you want, this Spell may have a result so succesful you cannot handle it. You need to have a strong personality to deal with this, consider this a warning!

Requirements: all relevant information about yourself. A full description of the situation, birth date and place, and pictures of you.

USD 300

Satans’ Vault

Only for the experienced. You need to know already what it means to make money. This is not for the uninitiated, the impact is too big. This money would only cause you misery otherwise.
This is not a matter to casually joke about. You will be amazed how money reaches your pocket. Business, games of chance, inheritence, all will be yours!
This Spell is only cast once a month at most, it requires too much Energy. Not all requests to cast this will be honered. A winner, no doubt!

Requirements: all relevant information about yourself. A full description of the situation, birth date and place, and pictures of you.

USD 750

Satans’ Anvil

With Satans’ Anvil luck in the casino will be yours. This Spell cuts through all the negative blockades that stop you from being lucky in games.

Why does that one card drop right now? Why does the roulette stop at that number? It all has to do with energy and the influence it has on everything you do. Your presence influences energy patterns, and this Spell helps turn them in your favor.

You influence the croupier by looking them in the eyes for just a moment. They will notice you but not understand what is happening. Normally a croupier will not have eye contact with players, but this time…

This Spell works at its top in combination with the Amulet of Satan. You will be the Mystery Person, with an unparalleled presence. Other people around you will feel an attraction to you and support you financially, and you only have to pick that one person you want to accompany you to your hotel or home. This person will remain under your influence for as long as you want to.

Please keep in mind that your presence, and the profits in the casinos, are carefully monitored. It is advisable to spread your visits over several locations. You will notice that you will always be a welcome guest.

This Spell also frees you from individuals that want to take advantage of your presence or the profits you make.

Please keep in mind that this Spell will change your life forever. Do not take it lightly, the Spell cannot be undone. Having an unlimited source of wealth sounds like a dream made true, but it can also influence your life negatively when you do not control your new-found wealth right.

This Spell should only be used by people who are strong enough in their life, who cannot be influenced easily by other people. You will be the one influencing others. A short meditation before each visit to the casino will increase the power of the Spell. Your focus will be on your goals, completely and utterly.

On the anvil of Life you will forge your well-being, each strike gaining you strength, each strike increasing the influence the Spell has on the direction you have taken.

With this Spell, success is absolute and irreversible.

The preparations for this Spell and the Satanic rituals to cast them take a lot of time. During three weeks, daily work will be required by me until the desired potency is reached. You will be informed about the progress and the eventual result, your Green Light, on a regular basis.

Please read the above again and consider carefully before you order this Spell from me.

USD 1250

Satans’ Ultimate Journey in the Universe

Only few can get this Spell, it requires a full month of night work. This Spell is powerfull enough that Demons will actively work to prevent me to reach the highest level required for fulfillment. Satan Himself will test me, I need perseverance and the careful execution of very rare and special rituals, I must walk spiritual paths unavailable to mortals. When this Spell is cast I will be unavailable to function for a considerable period. This Spell is cast only in exceptional cases. The result is complete financial independence. You will be part of the one percent, the happy few. You will reach the ultimate in financial capabilities.
Requirements include not just your picture, but also your cooperation and full effort during the full month, the Spell requires considerable elements of nightly support, mostly in the form of utmost concentration. This will be discussed after you have requested this Spell. Because of this, once you have started this process, there is no turning back, no refunds, no stopping.
You would be surprised to learn the names of those succesfully ordering this Spell. You will be initated in a special world after this Spell has had its effect. Your request will also be vouched by those who went before you. This is the Ultimate Spell available to mortals.

USD 10.000